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Fully Bold
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Fully Bold is an R&B/Neo Soul duo from Seoul, South Korea.

While studying abroad in Boston, they met by a chance encounter at a bank and have been making music together ever since. With their diverse backgrounds and penchant for boldness, the group infuses warmth and storytelling into the sounds they create. Fully Bold made their debut in May 2020 releasing an EP album via Majestic Casual Records.


독일 마제스틱 캐주얼 (Majestic Casual)의 첫 한국인 듀오 아티스트로서 올해 5월 'Life Needs Haircut' 데뷔 앨범을 낸 Fully Bold는 미국 유학 중 우연히 은행에서 처음 만나 팀을 결성해 재즈, 힙합, 오케스트라 등 폭넓게 작곡하며 국내외 활발한 활동 중인 뮤지션이다. 2020년 마제스틱 캐주얼 레코즈와 낸 컴필 앨범 'Bye Bye Beethoven'에서는 Kiefer, Rob Araujo, Blue Wednesday, Master Soul Boy 등 저명한 아티스트들과 함께하였다.



Forestella (포레스텔라) - 숲의 노래 (The Forest Song)

'First Class Tape 2' Compilation - Hindsight


LUNA (of f(x)) - 비와 당신

SOLE (쏠) - 곁에 있어줘 (Feat. 원슈타인)


Majestic Casual (Bye Bye Beethoven) - Jetlag Love

Daul (다울) - For Us (Feat. Thama)

Josh Berkeley - Olive Oil

Josh Berkeley - Maybe We Should Let Go


Netflix 넷플릭스 : 'Astronomy Club: The Sketch Show'


Suwon Yim - When It Falls [LP]

Suwon Yim - 애벌래 [EP]

Suwon Yim - Hide and Seek [EP]

Fully Bold - Sorry, I Don't Drink (Feat. Jay Moon)

Fully Bold - December Was Foggy

Fully Bold - Life Needs Haircut [EP]

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